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Corporate Sales

A lasting partnership with the beneficiary as well as with the suppliers of equipments and IT solutions and telecom.

GMB COMPUTERS is a company with relevant experience on the Romanian market in the IT and telecommunications field. Developing permanently our products and services portfolio, we created a lasting partnership with our beneficiaries as well as with our equipments, IT solutions and telecom suppliers.

Through our partnership with the mobile phone operator COSMOTE, GMB Computers is positioning as a supplier of perfectly personalized communication solutions based on the needs of every organization, no matter its profile.

For your business, we can conceive dedicated solutions, from mobile voice solutions, e-mail and high-speed internet, to steady voice and internet solutions for the headquarters of the company and connections between the companies headquarters. We offer the whole spectrum of communication products that are necessary for the companies, stable as well as mobile, at prices that can help the entrepreneur to lower his costs. Also, we have the ability and necessary experience to integrate communications with the IT infrastructure, through no matter how complex solutions. The implementation of these, as well as the ability to integrate services alike, are, among others, the strong points of our company.

The corporate sales department is always at your service, offering you support in the development of your business.


Bidding and auctioning department


Also, GMB COMPUTERS has in its component a corporate department directed towards the requirements of our business partners, successfully finalizing plenty of bidding offers and auctions, inclusive through the electronical service SEAP.


The GMB COMPUTERS Experience

in development and implementation of complex projects can be certified by our partners:
  • Administrations and Local Governmental Authorities from the Administrative Domain
  • Public and Private Maritime Field companies
  • Public and Private Institutions from the Medical Field
  • Companies from the Petroleum and Energetic Field
  • Institutions from the Educational Field
  • Lawyers’, notary’s offices and assurance and reinsurance companies
  • Public and Private Companies from varied domains of activity.

For more information and the corporate offer please contact us!