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CRUCEA WIND FARM – A GMB ”little successful story“– with Fujitsu tablets

There is always a beginning in everything, they say. The same rule applied here, too.

CRUCEA WIND FARM – A GMB ”little successful story“– with Fujitsu tablets

A German power plant operation company with specialists in the wind farm power

business, founded a company based in Constanta, to start from zero a wind farm near Crucea, Constanta County. Somewhere in the middle of the green fields, between several small villages, but quite far from high technology facilities, to say nothing of minimum utilities availability. As an IT specialized company, GMB Computers got an enquiry from Steag Energie Romania, targeted for their operation and maintenance (O&M) project of Crucea Wind Farm.

A hardware and software operating system solution to monitor and supervise the access and the Permit to Work (PTW) system for each of the individual wind turbines should be installed for effective use of the service resources and to comply to health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards.

This is how and where the story and the challenge have started.

Several applications solutions were reviewed, hundreds of engineering and working hours were performed, “in situ” and in the office collecting information, comparing solutions, got them approved by our beneficiary until the final and best optimal result was approved.Installation of Fujitsu tablets on the ground floor level inside each wind turbine and operate a software solution for access and the Permit to Work (PTW) system.

The challenge for the IT specialist was, primarily, to develop software, have installed and commissioned all the most performant equipment – the Fujitsu tablets- in a totally unconventional space with the limited dimensions of the interior of a wind turbine under real operating conditions, to ensure the best human / machine performances in exploitation of the said tablets.

A technical detail: The tablets were adapted to operate as “info kiosk” and this was one hint. The operating ranges of temperatures are a little bit harsher out there than in an office building on one side. In addition the protection of the metal surface of the tablet had to be also specific related to exposure to harsh weather conditions and corrosion protective coating.

Of course, this is easier said than done and a lot of brain, brain-storming meetings to comply with the German standards (DEN type) and the professional requirements of the Client had to be displayed and put in practice. This was performed in order to get everything done according the specification and to the satisfaction of our Clients.

When the result of this challenge is the reception and commissioning of the project, it means that “all components” were up to the highest standards based on the requests of Steag Energie Romania: The equipment Fujitsu tablets and the IT company team of GMB Computers who linked everything together, to make this project feasible and operational. Please be reminded that there is not the infrastructure of a city, not in an office building, but instead in the middle of nowhere, on an isolated piece of land, wherefrom the cheapest energy is caught out of the generous winds blowing freely from the Black Sea over the oldest hills in the area which are an old mountain chain in Europe- the Hercinic mountains in Dobrogea county.

This time the” answer, my friends, was not blowing in the wind”, but” blowing with the wind”.

Here is the place and the moment to fully appreciate the quality and adaptability of the 10” Fujitsu semi-rigid, business tablets we have chosen for this project, together with the Fujitsu specialists, with a quad core processor, 4GB Ram memory, 160 degrees visibility angle and built-in expansion ports, allowing us to connect an adaptor on its micro USB port, used for a wire connection – which is more safe in operation.-  and also for a “stand-by” option, by just touching the “Windows” symbol on the screen.

All the other constructive hardware and software solutions found” in situ” by the whole GMB Computers team of specialists are now already history, but it’s called experience and “know how” which is the most valuable acquisition for evolution, in any field.

This project, at first a “mission impossible” became a successful story and we have to pay tribute for the confidence in our abilities to Mr. Martin Hase – Senior Project Manager – Generation Power Projects and to Mr. Ersin Hagi – Electrical Engineer – representing Steag Energie Romania– our client, as well as to Fujitsu Company and to all my co-workers in GMB team, to enable me to write the present story, for the benefit of the portfolios of all our companies.

Thank you all,

Razvan Enache- Romanian project coordinator

GMB Computers, 68A, Traian St. Constanta, Postal Code 900716;

Phone: 0241.619.222 / 0730.619.222;

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