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“Promenade”  in Eforie Nord

In the framework of the Operational Program 2007-2013, the Priority Axis 1- Supporting the long-term development of the cities, the Town-hall of Eforie Nord is the beneficiary of the project entitled: Works of construction for the Project “Promenade in Eforie Nord”.

The Project refers to the reconstruction of the promenade alley between the Acapulco and Belona hotels, but also of the Belona Alley in Eforie Nord. The reconstruction works aim the enlargement of the promenade alley with 1.70 m, the achievements of some observation points, the pavement remade of slab or paving blocks, installing benches and urban furniture, accomplishing a surveillance video system  and replacing the ornamental lighting system.

GMB Computers is the “partner/associated to this project, to specifically achieve the video surveillance system which will be installed on the promenade alley in the Acapulco and Belona hotels and on Bellona alley.

The technical solution to for the GMB Computers part was installing mobile video cameras, speed-dome Panasonic WV- SW395 type, while monitoring and recording the data will be made at the local police survey center located in Eforie Sud.

A fiber optic network will be placed alongside the shore under reconstruction, and the IP cameras, with an optical zoom of 36x will be connected to this network. Each such fiber optic network will have a radio connection to the police station. The radio will operate on 5.6 GHz- which does not imply a license in Romania- and an encrypted protocol to convey the data will be used.

At the head office of the Local Police Eforie, a video surveillance system center will be located and a network video recorder will be installed, so that the images from the cameras should be stored. The access of such video images, LIVE and registered, will be achieved via a PC with a dedicated software, installed in the Police Survey Center.  The Software will allow advanced operations of surveillance and also the simultaneous connection of several recorders, grouping the cameras as per their location, graphical maps to access the cameras, multi-screen displays, remote control and directing of cameras, shifting between pre-established routes and manual command.

The Video system surveillance is meant to protect the people against the anti-social behaviors, to bring a plus of calm and psychical comfort among those who know they are protected. Such a system is also meant to help the authorities to efficiently act and intervene, to offer conclusive evidence, to help people in difficulty and need, for criminal nature situations or for emergency situations, such as fire, traffic accident, health problem, floods, etc. The analysis of images and the electronic recognition allow the prevention of certain dangerous situations, accidents or identification of vehicles or persons.

Invest in people!


Project co-financed from the Social European Fund through Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013.

S.C. GMB COMPUTERS S.R.L with the headquarters in str. Ion Lahovary nr.158, Constanta, Romania, Postal Code 900598, telephone/fax 0241.516.848, e-mail, partner in the non-returnable financing from Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, based on the financing contract with the identification number POSDRU/110/5.2/87054, for the implementing of the project called “The development and enhancement of professional skills of human resources in rural areas”, announced the beginning of the market study procedure-marketing survey for the acquisition of press official news broadcasting, in conformity with the provisions of the financing contract, corroborated with the other provisions in force.

Object of the contract is represented by the acquisition of press official news broadcasting, (CPV code 79341000-6), in the terms of the acquisition documentations.

The applicable criterion for the decision of the winning offer is the lowest price.

No partial offers are accepted.

The acquisition documentation can be obtained as a result of the request addressed directly to the aquirer, at his headquarters or by e-mail, with the specification of the identification data of the petitioner.

The limit date for applying at the aquirer’s headquarters or on the e-mail address is in 01 April 17:00 hours.

Announcement published on the personal internet page at 26 March 2014.


Programul Operational Sectorial Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007 – 2013

Axa prioritara nr. 5

“Promovarea masurilor active de ocupare”

Domeniul major de interventie 5.2

“Promovarea sustenabilitatii pe termen lung a zonelor rurale in ceea ce priveste dezvoltarea resurselor umane si ocuparea fortei de munca”

Titlul proiectului:

“Dezvoltarea si valorificarea competentelor profesionale a resurselor umane din mediul rural”

Contract nr.


S.C. GMB Computers S.R.L. in parteneriat cu Asociatia Tinerilor Pentru Excelenta Constanta deruleaza incepand din data de 01.02.2013 proiectul “Dezvoltarea si valorificarea competentelor profesionale a resurselor umane din mediul rural” cofinantat din FONDUL SOCIAL EUROPEAN prin Programul Operational Sectorial pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007-2013.

Valoarea totala a proiectului este de 1.426.447,00 lei.

Perioada de implementarea a proiectului este 01.05.2012 – 30.04.2014.

Obiectivul general al proiectului il reprezinta facilitarea accesului la ocupare in activitati non-agricole a persoanelor inactive si persoanelor ocupate in agricultura de subzistenta precum si mentinerea unui numar cat mai mare de persoane pe piata muncii.

Principalele activitati ce se vor derula prin proiect in perioada urmatoare vor viza :

  • derularea campaniilor de informare, constientizarea si consiliere a  persoanelor din mediul rural implicate in activitati non-agricole, in vederea asigurarii participarii acestora la activitatile de formare profesionala ce se vor organiza in cadrul proiectului.
  • constituirea grupelor de cursanti si derularea a opt programe de formare profesionala in scopul calificarii/specializarii membrilor grupului tinta in meserii solicitate pe piata muncii (infirmiera, baies, lucrator pentru salubrizare, vanzator, operator introducere, validare si prelucrare date, competente antreprenoriale, instalator instalatii sanitare si de gaze, limba engleza);
  • asistenta pentru inceperea unei activitati independente.
La aceste activitati sunt asteptati sa participe locuitorii comunelor Cumpana, Agigea, Tuzla, Costinesti si 23 august din jud. Constanta, care se incadreaza in cerintele grupului-tinta.

Informatii suplimentare se pot obtine de pe site-ul proiectului