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GMB photography class

GMB photography class


Things happening in Constanta

Let Santa tell you a story… Once upon a time, in a far realm, on the sore of the Black Sea, a group of big-hearted people,  loving  photography, were waiting for Santa Klaus. Well, when they became impatient waiting for Santa … at the Art Museum In Constanta, Santa himself sent Oldmas ter Feri, who brought with him a group exhibition of Photography and graduation Diplomas of the Photography Course initiated by GMB Computers, which had organized the first training course for professional photographers in Constanta.

Mrs. Doina Pauleanu, as very charming guest as the Director of the Art Museum, delivered a speech about photography , about our exhibition and about the event, in general, in many attractive, warm and professional details, capturing the attention of the audience….

The audience was even  more amazed when the Director of the Art Museum proved to be an exquisite connaisseur of the field , and, when our  Oldmaster Feri said that the photographs have finally arrived here and that they feel at home among the  masterpieces of the Museum, the audience found out that it was the first time when a National Art Museum hosts a photography exhibition, in Constanta, at this level of professional training and that the Museum will keep its gates open to photography and its fans.

Mrs. Nicoleta Boldea underlined that the quality of the trainees and the huge logistic effort to organize, develop and finalize at the best possible level this training course implied a lot of dedicated work from the side of GMB Computers: the material conditions, the equipment and the location made of this training course one of a kind in the background of similar attempts.

A completely equipped studio, computers and displays for each trainee, internet limitless connection, a training space with a smart board and with an Epson Pro projector, made the work of the trainer and of the trainees a pleasure.

The Affiches and other advertising supports as well as the prints of the images for the exhibition were made with the competent and permanent help offered friendly and voluntarily by Mr Adrian Dincu, the owner of Junkers Company, one of the main players in the field market of Constanta.


After handing over the graduation Diplomas to the 14 trainees, in the general joyful atmosphere of the event , Oldmaster  Feri asked the new professional photographers to make o group photograph..

The story doesn’t finish here, it is going when, and here it  is why…

After the presentation and the demo offered during the course by Epson, in connection with the printing and the digital photography, an Epson printer was bought by Adrian Dincu who advanced an attractive proposal: to arrange a photo-studio “set-up” in the Museum, in order to take shots, LIVE, during the opening of the exhibition, for the participants, of those invited, of anyone willing…

The photography was going to be unloaded on the printer and printed spot… and thus, the dreams of generations would become true… the image on paper, at a blink of an eye, size 24/30, offered to the client.

Liviu and his first interview as a photographer

Yes, to the client! Because, as Oldmaster  Feri said, the training course was not one of the photography as art but about photography as skills and techniques, of a hard worker kraftmanship.

The audience and the press attended the well organized event which went on smoothly and in  a high spirit, also given by the approaching season’s holydays.

Invited people

And don’t want to say “ and they lived happily ever after ‘… because this is not the end . The story goes on, and on and on…

This story wouldn’t have been possible without GMB Computers: my thanks to Mrs Boldea and Magda. Without Nikon, who ensured the technical support of cameras for the trainees, and without Epson, this story wouldn’t have been possible. My thanks to Irina and Andrei, and mostly to my friend GiBi who has encouraged me and helped me in this project.


  • mircea

    Buna ,

    Un articol frumos, cu oameni deosebiti si aparate la fel….

  • Vasilescu Gabriel

    Care sunt conditiile pentru inscriere la curs?

    • Vasilescu Gabriel

      Va rugam sa sunati la Centrul nostru de pe Lahovari 158, sau intrati pe

  • Tirtau Maria Florenta

    Frumoasa “poveste”. Felicitari si succes incontinuare.

  • Radu

    Ar fi interesant daca s-ar tine in mod regulat cate o clasa de fotografie.
    Sunt sigur ca s-ar gasi amatori, care acum fac drumul la Bucuresti sau aiurea.


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