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Surveillance systems GMB Computers

A project for the external video surveillance of the streets and pedestrian areas of public use and concern.
  • GMB Computers Sisteme de Supraveghere
  • GMB Computers Sisteme de Supraveghere

Surveillance systems GMB Computers

 GMB Computers accomplished a project for the external video surveillance  of the streets and pedestrian areas of public use and concern.

The supervision/surveillance system is of a “closed circuit” type, containing 35 supervision cameras of high performance, for external use and the visualization of the areas is achieved via a survey center.

To get the images, we have used colour video-cameras, IP2 Mpixel type and , 3  Mpixel and 5 Mpixel, with multifocal lenses  manually driven ( you have the possibility to enlarge the focal distance remotely ), as well as  of IP speed dome type, with optical zoom. All the cameras are monitoring the areas during the night also, using the IR illuminators, for distances of up to 30-40 meters. The cameras have been mounted on the public lighting pillars system, by connecting them to the public network of electricity supply of 220V. Each camera has been provided, from the whole system, with a local  back-up  (UPS) which ensures the energetic independence of the system in a black-out case.

Transmission of images from the location is done via a complex network of data transfer, using, as material support, multimodal , media-converter, (MC) fiber optical (FO) cables .

For the users of the system, the supervision center has two major functions: it contains, on one hand, the main rack of inter-communication and storage , and on the other hand,  6 LCD screens, of big dimensions, installed on the wall and necessary to create a panoramic view enabling a minute analysis when such an analysis is necessary. The operators can visualize the images offered by the 35 cameras simultaneously and LIVE, in a play-back mode, or they can save images/data directly from the 4 NVRs with a storage capacity of 12 TB. The resolution of a single IP camera is bigger or at least equal with   1600 x 1200 pixels at 12 fps. The surveyed data Bit-rate is at an average of  6000 kbps.

The survey center can also cover a total back-up for the black-out cases, assured by UPS.

Equipment used:
1. Cisco routers
2. Video cameras HikVision
3. HP Server
4. Samsung Monitors
5. Trip Lit UPS
6. Passive network Equipment “Legrand”

For any further information regarding the surveillance activities that can be performed  by  GMB Computers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GMB Computers, 68A, Traian St. Constanta, Postal Code 900716;

Phone: 0241.619.222 / 0730.619.222;

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