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De 13 ani, Centrul de Instruire GMB Computers ofera celor interesati cursuri si certificari, cu scopul de aduce pe plan local un plus valoare atat companiilor private cat si institutiilor interesate.
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With the fast development of the technologies from the computer domain, it has been increasingly pointed out of the necessity of professional training, as a knowledge instrument, but also as a mean of more performant utilization of the material resources from this field. Amongst other references, the training and specialization employees in a company, can bring a plus point of value, materialized in multiplied productivity and optimization of business solutions.

For 13 years, GMB Computers Training Center offers to the interested courses and certifications from this scope, as well as connected ones, with the purpose to bring in the local area a plus point of value, to private companies, but also to the interested institutions.




Over 3000 persons have finalized, up to this date, one or more forms of training, finalized in conformity with their expressed demanding, with the following certifications:

International ECDL type

European Computer Driving License, or Permisul European de Conducere a Calculatorului


Accredited by the National Authority of Certifications

Ever since the establishment, our center has gained the statute of ECDL Testing and Training Center, quality which, in addition to the promotion of the courses alone, has contributed to the establishment of the center networks now existent a regional area(Constanta, Tulcea). The legal arrangements made over time, have created the premises of the promotion of this certification not only by the employees from the Public Administration, but also for students, through the validation of this certification with the digital competence test from the Baccalaureate exam. Our educational offer includes, besides the basic certifications, also the advanced level ones(specialist).

Training programmes
As a training center we have  accredited


programmes which aim to initiate, perfect or specialize in the following jobs:
  • Electronical Computer and Networks Operator (COR code 351101)
  • Input, Processing and Data Validation Operator(COR code 413201)
  • Network Administrator(COR code 252301)
  • Web Pages Designer (COR code 216613)
  • Communication in English Language(initiation course)
  • Seller (COR code 522101)
  • Photographer(COR  code 343101)
In addition to this category of certifications, we had some of the most diverse solicitations from the social categories: unemployed, employees from the rural and urban environment, or persons who wanted to specialize in new jobs like Photographer or Seller, a big part of them also benefitting from the opportunities offered by accessing the European funds.


The quality of the training is harmoniously completing with the professionalism of the lecturers and the study conditions. Having the statute of formatives in the working with adults, the centers trainers are certified internationally, as ECDL examinators and supervisors. The ambiental comfort of the studies is reassured through a training room, equipped to the highest European standards, which it has been added to, recently, a photo studio.

Computer Training CenterGMB Computers

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For details, the complete course list and training options, please contact us or visit website.

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